New box, less time…

Well I did it… I have made the leap to the new computer we purchased for me

to work on and I am pretty happy. All my apps are here and my email is here,

though it is downloading some 660+ email messages and I am sure most of the

rules to put them in folders will barf.

Heading off to



SirC is running the meeting for the

bondage group and it is always a good thing to see her. Next week


Estate is giving a

presentation at a TES meeting as well so we need to touch base a little.

Lots of

way cool stuff happening with the

Girl2 site as well, new camera views are available and we switched tot he

new software for the

weblog over there. A new design is coming and the prices were lowered for a

while. This is good.

OK… gotta jet. Things are getting crazy here and the clock is ticking.