Minion Task: Banking




This is a simple one. I am looking for a new bank as I find the fees on Bank of America oppressive. The parameters of the account to use for your evaluation are..

  1. Checking Account
  2. Visa or Mastercard logo’d debit card
  3. The price of the account per month with a balance of almost zero (in short, I don’t care that if I have $1000 in it it’s free)
  4. The overdraft fees PER TRANSACTION if they occur both WITH and WITHOUT overdraft protection
  5. Overdraft options that are NOT credit check based – e.g. savings account or a unrelated credit card

I am not absolutely hung up on physical branch access, but I will prefer banks that have branches in 07032.

Note: Requirement number 5 prevents me from using ING Direct

Go get ’em minions!