Minion Tasks: Medi-What?




Hello Minions!

That’s right, I did not forget you!

Never let it be said I did not love you. Here, I use my awesome power to support a minion in her search for information. Not only will you be helping her, but this is a request from I, your Minion Lord!

Task 1

Contact Blue Cross / Blue Shield and find out if the "pre-existing condition" exclusion is 12 or 18 months. To explain… if I have a condition that was NOT under the care of an insurance company (i.e. a coverage lapse) but then got insurance with carrier whoever, how long would I need to be with that carrier before Blue Cross / Shield no longer considered it an uninsured pre-existing condition when I transfer coverage to them?

There is conflicting information, and I need to be sure. If it is different for the various types of plans, please fill me in on them individually.

Task 2

In the Wichita / Haysville Kansas area, I have need of the names of 1-3 competent lawyers who can help with issues surrounding applications for Medicaid / Medicare. This is to include issues of estate protection, maximizing benefits and optimizing finances to help insure acceptance. If they can additionally assist with an understanding of benefits, so much the better. Contact info, websites and information about rates and / or free consultations are the goal. Bonus points if you contact them or their office by phone or email to verify that this is an area they can assist with.

Task 3

In the Wichita / Haysville Kansas area, I have need of contact information for support programs for cancer patients. This is a wide ranging request. We are looking for…

  • Discussion / emotional support
  • Transportation (to / from Dr. and Hospital)
  • Advocacy in dealing with insurance / government

There are a few large organizations, but they act somewhat as clearing house and are in a way too big. Feel free to use them as starting points, but I could use a drill down.

Thanks Minions!