The mind of a self-employed tech evangelist…



I was describing what I am most passionate about the other day and the list looked like this:

  • Keeping up with constantly evolving tools and technologies.
  • Exploring the new possibilities those tools open, and how they can make solving the older problems easier and more efficient.
  • Helping folks who may not realize what those new tools can do for them see how to use them well.
  • Prototyping stuff for others to dissect and learn from.

I do that every day for my clients at Ghost Dog (Alpha). In fact, I have done that throughout my decades-long career. However, it is only in the last few days that I realized what I have built is based around technical evangelism, not consulting. You can also see it in my vlogs; I just can’t get away from talking about why instead of just what I do what I do and how they can apply it to their lives.

I get pumped up every time I have a conversation with someone that includes the phrase “you know, what you really COULD do is ________________” and when it’s all over we’re all looking at the idea we shaped and thinking “wow, that’s awesome“.

When we have the right idea, then we build it. As much as I love watching these things come to life if I am honest? A large part of my brain is already longing for the next chance to innovate.

I am not alone in this, every great technologist I have met feels the same.

In effect, I am an evangelist without a (large) community. I have been shifting directions recently, working to build a business around inspiring and educating not as part of a consultancy pitch but for its own sake. It would be a blast to be able to spend each day working with devs and users to help them innovate and bring their dreams to life on a much larger scale. I will keep working on that.

Are you a solo evangelist? I want to hear from you. Let’s connect.

If you are an organization, who has a community in mind? Consider all the value us solo guys bring to helping you reach your communities. For some of you* we have been on the front lines already, enthusiastically championing your cause. We have accomplished a lot using only our resources, imagine what we could do with your direct support?

Don’t be shy, hit me up! I am always open to opportunities for working with innovative organizations to reach their communities. For the right offer, you might even be able to talk me out of my solo status.

* I am looking at you @Microsoft, @Printrbot, @HeyFlywheel or any of the countless amazing firms who build the tools I love.